Roger Griffin is currently the Director of Griffin Infosec Ltd. 

Roger’s area of expertise rests in the field of HMG Information Assurance (IA) – with particular focus on the security and accreditation aspects of the specialism.

Roger takes pride in keeping abreast of up-to-date developments in the IA arena.  Notably Griffin Infosec Ltd was the first company to be awarded a CESG IA Training License – enabling it to use CESG Information Assurance Official Information for training purposes.

Griffin Infosec Ltd.’s main products are displayed on this site. Courses may be taken as designed, or tailored to individuals’ and groups’ needs.   Other IA related business needs can be catered for e.g. Consultancy and Security Policy documentation.   Contact details are at the top of each page. Please use them in the first instance for the opportunity to discuss ideas directly with Roger.    


A portrait photograph of Roger Griffin.



Dr Roger Griffin

Roger is Director of Griffin Infosec Ltd, a company he founded in December 2006.  The Company provides Information Assurance training and writes security policy documentation e.g. Risk Management Accreditation Document Sets, Risk Assessments and Security Operating Procedures for the public sector.  Griffin Infosec Limited was the first company to be issued with a licence by CESG to use their material for training purposes in September 2012.

He read physics and nuclear physics at University and was a Professional Engineer in the Civil Service for 40 years.  He is a founder Associate of the IISP and a Member of the IEE.

From 1986 to 2002, he directed and delivered Information Security training at the Civil Service College, which later became the National School of Government. 

During that time he also represented HMG by providing Infosec training to NATO Member Countries.  Roger has always enhanced his training activities by working as an IA Practitioner for numerous organisations, carrying out security inspections with Accreditation teams or producing security policy documentation.  In all, he is able to offer almost 30 years of experience in the IA field and holds an extant DV clearance.

In parallel with his civilian career, he served in the Territorial Army for 34 years, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  During that time he was mobilised twice; serving for 6 months in Bosnia in 1999 and subsequently from 2002 for four and a half years as a Defence Analyst completing three military tours in Iraq and Qatar in 2003 and 2004 with the Iraq Survey Group.

Roger is currently chair of the BSI Committee IST/33/01/01 with a focus on standards ISO 27003, 4 and 5, so he is deeply involved in the development of Information Security Management System and risk assessment documentation.