Griffin Infosec : CESG Certified Training (CCT) Scheme Provider

As of 19th November 2014 Griffin Infosec is a CESG Certified Training  (CCT) Scheme Provider and

“is Certified to deliver the training course entitled Information Assurance, Policy and Application of Knowledge (IPAK) at Application Level – that delivers the IISP Core Skills A1,B1 and B2 and the suporting IISP skills as shown on the Course Listing on the APMG website”.

This means our IPAK training course and supporting material have undergone rigorous third party scrutiny (on behalf of CESG).   We are officially permitted access to, and use of, a range of CESG’s IAP Policy Portfolio documentation for our training courses:-

  1.  A CCT Certified IA Training Course “Information Assurance Policy and Knowledge”  (IPAK).
  2. One-day courses on (i) HMG Accreditation policy and (ii) drafting RMADS.
  3. Training courses tailored to your needs amd at a location of your choice.
  4.  Security Policy Documentation eg. RMADS and SyOps / SECOPS.

Contact details : moc.c1574319991esofn1574319991iniff1574319991irg@O1574319991BC1574319991 Tel : +44 (0) 7879 625256