Information Assurance

Information Assurance is best implemented as a holistic “defence in depth” process.  HMG IA standards are supported by GPGs and the ISO 27000 series and other ISO standards, where relevant to HMG requirements.

Roger has recently become a member of the BSI IST/33/-/1 and IST/33/-/4 committees with the aim of contributing to the maintenance of relevant ISO standards.  He has wide experience of the application of ISO standards in the Information Assurance arena, particularly ISO 27001 and ISO27002 where they are relevant to the Baseline Control Set.  Such experience is shared through tuition on individual standards and their application.

Each business’s drivers and context is different.  Griffin Infosec will seek to understand these and tailor its services accordingly.   Whilst focussing on delivering training on Information Assurance, Roger Griffin is an IA practitioner and has experience of undertaking discrete pieces of work. 

Training is delivered in person rather than electronically.  However, Griffin Infosec is open to the possibility of video-based training should that be a better fit for your business.


Please contact Roger to explore how he may be able to help your business IA requirements.