One Day Courses

Griffin Infosec appreciates the current pressures on training budgets and practitioner time.  Consequently we are addressing these issues by introducing tailored, One Day, Courses.

These Courses can be delivered at:-

(i)            A central London location.

(ii)          Your business premises (or other suitable venue booked by you).

(iii)         Agreed third party location.

 If you have a specific requirement for a One Day event in IA, contact us and we will look into the provision of such an event in support of your business requirement.  Contact Roger to start that conversation

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One Day Courses

 Demystifying the RMADS

 The Risk Management and Accreditation Document Set (RMADS) is core to HMG accreditation assessments.   Griffin Infosec knows from personal experience how daunting and resource intensive it can be to put one together.   Delegates on this course will have the opportunity to gain:-

a.     An understanding of the components of an RMADS and how they are populated.

b.    Ideas for ensuring an RMADS supports a successful, “right first time”, accreditation.

c.    An appreciation of the principles of the HMG Technical Risk Assessment and Risk Treatment method.

d.    Experience in the application of the CESG software tool. 

e.    An appreciation of internal and external stakeholder’s roles and their contributions.

f.     Ideas for what an RMADS supporting “light touch” accreditation might include.

g.    Tips from seasoned practitioner(s) on how to make life easier.  


For price and further details email the course booking office on:-