Security Accreditation

Roger has many years of experience of HMG Security Accreditation – both in delivering training and as a practitioner.

Security Accreditation has several components.  These are encompassed in Risk Management and Accreditation Document Sets (RMADS).  Training on the production of RMADS and other security policy documentation is enhanced as a result of this practitioner experience.

He is able to help Accreditors and Information Assurance Specialists with individual components e.g. in developing a Security Case or undertaking risk calculations. He can provide a “sanity check” on existing RMADS or act as an independent sounding board for a draft RMADS.   Many Accreditors work on their own and it is with these in mind that the latter services are offered.

Policy on Security Accreditation is an evolving area.  Roger is well versed in the latest thinking.  He has first hand experience of working with peers on developing pragmatic ways to implement new policies and then delivering training to select groups on those outputs.

Whilst focussing on HMG Security Accreditation, Roger is able to tailor training or practitioner services to meet the needs of the UK public and private sectors. 

Please contact Roger to discuss your requirements and see what opportunities there are for him to help you.